Free Style Dance

Freestyle Moves

Freestyle is spontaneous and individual. There are no required or structured movements that must be learned. It is an extremely popular form of dancing both for recreational purposes and as a highly competitive sport. This is a dance style enjoyed by boys and girls.

Freestyle Dancing (High Energy Freestyle Dancing), originated from the early disco days and began in the 1970s on street corners and public places where dancers would show off their improvisational skills. Los Angeles and New York were important locations for the evolution of freestyle dancing..

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Modern and Fun

Freestyle dance classes are funky, modern and fun. It’s all about freedom to express movement to the wide variety of music trends. Classes should start with a warm-up and students should learn this dance form in a fun, energetic, yet hard working and disciplined environment.

High energy Freestyle dancing involves many different types of dancing, dance moves and dance steps, and leaves the dancer free to mix & match and move in any way desired. A dancer can e.g. do a hip-hop move followed by something jazzy or borrowed from modern dance and can even throw in a cha-cha-cha step.

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Part of exercise

Freestyle dancing is popular with dancers who like to express themselves. It gives them the freedom to throw their arms up in a joyous gesture if the song makes them happy. It gives them the freedom to let the whole body dance, even the head and fingers. As with all dance forms, freestyle dancing has many health benefits..

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Physical Fitness

In its most extreme form it is the very opposite of choreography, however it can be argued that such an extreme level can never be reached, as we all to some degree plan our moves beforehand. To give an example, one might put on a piece of music and start freestyle dancing to it, but having heard the piece before, and having practiced different moves earlier, one can never 100% freestyle to it.

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