The purpose of education has always been to enable a man to develop his intellectual powers to the full so that he may grasp the significance of any situation that arises, that he may know the difference between right and wrong and contemplate on the divine mysteries of nature. Education should strengthen his character, help him to look after himself and concentrate on the life to come- These are the words of a great visionary about education in general. Our main goal at IIMT College of Polytechnic is to strive relentlessly for providing highest quality of education and training in the field of Engineering. Improving the profitability, streamlining cooperations and facilitating administrative procedures we dedicate ourselves to provide an environment that conduct high quality research and development activity in various fields of engineering. Maturity beyond age, thoroughly practical oriented training and modernity without departing from the roots. IIMT College of Polytechnic Is in its nascent stage but it has got to its credit a long list of achievement by virtue of hard work, dedication, sincerity and vision for the fact of the competent teaching faculty team, supporting staff and talented students. Efforts are continuously being made for the rapid growth of the college. We have achieved a lot but still a lot more is to be achieved and we have every reason to feel confident, that with full dedication of all concerned, having common goal of achieving excellence in Engineering, IT education and training through full support from corporate world, this college will soon become one of the premier institute of the country.

Indian economic growth and competitiveness in International market is dependent on the development of well-trained manpower. Our B.Pharma programme at IIMT College of pharmacy is designed to equip the students for professional career within the pharmaceutical industry and also, to future, prepare the students for postgraduate (M.Pharma) and Ph.D. research studied.

Our. Students have the character, courage, commitment and compassion. Those who has the drive to excel, to grow, have an ambition to achieve or be competitive would be the best ones to join the B.Pharma course at IIMT fraternity