The Pharmacy profession have experienced a phenomenal growth and expansion in the last one hundred years. We have seen virtual elimination of the menaces of polio and small pox; we have drugs for pain, drugs for infectious diseases, drugs for allergies, drug for pleasure, and drug for mental health. Drugs purified from nature or synthesized, drugs fermented and drug engineered. We have moved from a society of faith and prayer to relational and evidence based use of drugs.

Global genomic initiative and marvels of miniaturization have set the stage for the new pharmaceutical discoveries to come. The twentieth century was truly a pharmaceutical century. It is predicted that genomic, gene therapy and rejuvenate therapy, among others, will set the agenda for the drug discoveries of the 21st century. The patents, intellectual property rights, WTO &GATT regime will dictate the global developments in Pharmaceutical Sciences & trade.

Indian economic growth and competitiveness in International market is dependent on the development of well-trained manpower. Our B.Pharma programme at IIMT College of pharmacy is designed to equip the students for professional career within the pharmaceutical industry and also, to future, prepare the students for postgraduate (M.Pharma) and Ph.D. research studied.

Our. Students have the character, courage, commitment and compassion. Those who has the drive to excel, to grow, have an ambition to achieve or be competitive would be the best ones to join the B.Pharma course at IIMT fraternity